Top Ten Smart Ways to Maximize Your Garage Space

Top Ten Smart Ways to Maximize Your Garage Space

A Guide to Maximizing Your Garage Space

The garage can be an overflow wasteland, often housing bits and bobs you forgot you even had. It’s time to dive in and start organizing so you can utilize this prime space.

Here’s how to do it:

  1.     Chuck It!

Before anything else, you’re going to have to purge. Get rid of anything you don’t have use for, and can’t realistically foresee a use for. Are your rollerblading days over? Then donate them to a consignment store or give them away. Don’t hold onto tokens of the past that have no place in your present life.

  1.     Clear the Floors

Your floor space is primo real estate in your garage, but often it’s so cluttered you can’t even get your car in. Put trash in the trash, get cords, rakes and shovels mounted on the wall, and put cleaning supplies in cabinets.

  1.     Peg It

To do away with space-eating toolboxes and to organize your gear, install a DIY pegboard. This keeps the floor tidy and dangerous tools out of reach of children. Nails, screws and little items can easily be stored in mounted jars.

  1.     Look Up!

The ceiling is a great place to store things that are not used a lot, like camping gear, sleds, holiday decorations and so on. Use heavy duty hooks for more substantial items. You want this stuff out of the way: not on the hood of your car.

5       Other Uses

You don’t have to use your garage as a place to park – especially if you have outdoor parking. This area can be transformed into a home gym, man-cave, a playroom for the kids or a home theatre  Whatever you want, really. It’s your space. Use it however you see fit!

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