Are Custom Cabinets Right For You?

Are Custom Cabinets Right For You?

Cabinets can make or break a space; they can either bring your kitchen to the next level or leave something to be desired. That’s why it’s important to understand the different options available and know what is best suited for your needs. As a focal point of the home, the design of the kitchen can have a drastic effect on the overall look of your house, and cabinets are one of the biggest components of this space. The kitchen is where people gather, where the delectable meals are prepared and certainly cannot be overlooked when creating your perfect home.

If you’re unsure what you’re looking for, we are always here to chat and help out, book an appointment to start the journey.

Different Options

Stock cabinets are your most basic version; think Ikea or Home Depot. These fixtures come pre-assembled and are ready for pick up at the retailer and are typically pre manufactured in melamine-faced chipboard, which unfortunately is highly reactive to moisture. While often the least expensive option they are also the least customizable, and are normally of lessor quality.

Semi-custom offer more design options with more sizes and upgraded hardware. Here designers will place the order with the manufactures within the various parameters, meaning there is more lead-time with this option than stock.

Custom, as you could probably guess, is custom built to the homeowner’s exact specifications. You choose the materials, including the type of wood and finish, as well as the specific sizes and features you desire. Measurements here are wide open, allowing you design and specify cabinetry that fits into oddly shaped corners and for any wall length. This also means that qualified and experienced cabinetmakers and installers are at your beck and call to make sure the process from start to finish is as seamless as your new cabinetry.

Why Custom?

Kitchen15-e1415040742700Quite simply, if you’re looking for quality and seamless integration into your space, custom is the only way to go. Custom cabinetry is rigorously planned and devised to ensure that your space is designed to meet your custom needs. Every home and homeowner is unique, and cabinetry plays a big role in creating a space you can be proud to call your own.

The biggest difference, aside from the ability to literally think it and make it happen, are the materials. The typical melamine you find stock cabinets made out of results in a less expensive product in the short term but the longevity is drastically less than that of custom wood cabinetry.

Solid wood cabinets means more durability, a longer lifetime, and can more easily be refinished in the future if you decide you want to update the look. Moreover solid wood doors not only give your space a higher end look, the freedom to customize the visual appeal. but again are very durable and afford you the ability to refinish years later, making this option both practical and visually superior to other choices.

It’s not all about the wood either, the hardware, such as door hinges, handles, and drawer pulls are also customizable, allowing you improve not only functionality but the overall finished look of the space. With our extensive selection of hardware you are sure to find exactly what you need to add that finishing touch.

contemporary-kitchen-drawer-organizersLike with anything, the accessories are what can make a space truly unique. A standard stock by the book retailer doesn’t afford you the chance to get specific with your cabinetry functions. Do you need a cabinet that swings open in an unconventional way? Perhaps a customized organizational drawer? No sweat. It’s these little things that make your space yours, and we are happy to be there to help you through the process, it all starts with a consultation.

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of custom cabinets is the stress free process and end product. At the end of it all, not only will you have the space you always wanted but moreover we are here to make sure getting there is as smooth as possible. Our team is there to bring your vision to life, while handling the heavy lifting; we are professionals, let us worry about the nitty gritty behind the scenes struggles.

In The End

Custom cabinets mean quality and style are never to be sacrificed. With a seemingly endless string of possible options, if you can think it, we can make it happen. We are your partners along this process; we know the ins and outs and are going to put in the necessary effort to get the job done to your specifications.

The time and effort it takes to design, manufacture, and install custom cabinets truly shows. Quite simply, if longevity, convenience, style and quality are your top concerns, custom is the only way to go.

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