Buying the Best Bathroom Cabinets in Three Steps

Buying the Best Bathroom Cabinets in Three Steps

Your bathroom is home to pretty intimate affairs, and you don’t need (or want) everyone being privy to what happens in your privy. Cabinets are a great way to keep your bathroom stylish and organized. Here’s how to choose the best cabinets for your bathroom in three simple steps.


Step One: A Day in the Life

Before installing bathroom cabinets, you’ll first want to identify the demands you make on your space. This will impact where you place the cabinet(s), for both optimal layout flow as well as practical space allowance. Even if you’re dealing with identical square-footage, the best cabinet placement and cabinet choice will differ greatly between what’s right for a single guy and what works for a family of four.  So determine the demands you put on your bathroom, and whether your bathroom layout currently meets those demands. If not, you may need to renovate before you can consider adding or replacing cabinets.


Step Two: Right Stuff for the Space

Not all cabinets are created equal, and cabinets and cabinet finishes that are great for a kitchen won’t necessarily fare well in a bathroom. Bathroom cabinetry needs to be able to endure water, heat and a lot of moisture, so not just any cabinet materials will do.

Solid plywood and Rubberwood are good choices in terms of price point as well as durability. If you want the most economical option that will still be up to task, then MDF is a reasonable choice. If money is no matter, then opt for solid oak – or any solid wood. Don’t skimp on quality here or you’ll just end up replacing it in a few years anyway.


Step Three: It’s All in the Install

Installing any cabinetry is tougher than it looks, so if you don’t consider yourself particularly handy with a level and hammer, then it’s probably a good idea to opt for expert installation. Of course, whether you DIY or go pro will also depend on the size of the cabinet and degree of installation.

If you’re just adding a small cabinet for toilet paper and washcloths above the loo, then an enterprising DIY’er who doesn’t shy away from instruction sheets can most likely handle that solo. The cabinet’s load won’t be too great, and the cabinet itself is fairly small. However, if you’re undertaking a relatively large installation, and have any qualms about your abilities, then hire a professional to avoid destroying your investment, or hurting yourself.


If you think we’re making the process sound overly simplistic, rest assured, we’re not.

The fundamentals of selecting and installing a quality cabinet really are this easy. Picking a style or finish – making all those decisions about personal preferences – that’s the hard part.

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