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Things To Expect

Most kitchen and bathroom remodeling jobs require that water be cut off in part of the house during installation or while awaiting a solid stone counter surface. This may result in a prolonged period of time without access to your kitchen or bathroom sink. A little advance planning makes this inconvenience more tolerable in terms of managing a household. Please be mindful of any sustained water leaks resulting from water being cut off. If this is discovered, please contain leaking water and report the problem promptly to us.

Our cabinets are of high quality construction, but doors and drawers are not given their final adjustment until installation is complete. You may notice some doors and drawers do not line up correctly when the installer is in progress. This is normal. This will be corrected prior to the installer leaving. Over time the doors may need future adjustments. You will be provided with a care and adjustment guide.

Change orders – During the remodeling, you may decide to add a few additional items for our installation crew to complete. It is often the perfect time with our people already on site. Please be sure to have our Cataraqui Cabinets contact person prepare a change order for this work and note that will add additional time and possibly cost to the completion of the project.

After the Installation

Protect your investment – follow the recommendations in our cabinet care guide.

Keep your appliance literature. Be mindful when moving furniture or appliances. BE CAREFUL! Your new flooring/walls/cabinets will appreciate your care!

Before the craftspeople arrive:

Preparation work – did you decide to do some of the preparation work yourself, such as removing old cabinets or flooring? Please check your contract, if any of this work is your responsibility, please have it completed before our installers arrive. This will avoid delays and/or extra labour charges.

Clearing the decks – if we are removing the existing kitchen, please remove everything you want to keep. Clear off the counter tops and empty the cabinets. Our work will create plenty of dust. Basically, clear all areas where work will be completed.

Protect your valuables – paintings, plants, knick-knacks, anything on your walls and adjacent walls should be moved to another room. Please make arrangements to move all items in advance and prepare for the dust. Sanding, sawing and other preparation work does make dust. You may wish to cover furniture and other objects in rooms in the vicinity of the project area to protect them. Old sheets and inexpensive drop cloths/plastic sheeting, are inexpensive and ideal.

Debris – depending on the scope of your project, and what may be discarded, a dumpster may be placed on your property. Our contact person will determine with you where the best location for a dumpster is.

Safety – we’ll appreciate your cooperation I in keeping everyone, including pets, out of the area being remodeled. You will receive a better installation when all of the installers’ attention can be concentrated on the work. Our installers are professionals and take pride in their knowledge and craftsmanship.

Contact availability – while it is not necessary for an adult to be present while work is in progress, we ask that you please provide us with contact information so that if an emergency occurs, we can reach you quickly. Lock boxes will be provided, if needed, so that our installers are able to enter your home if no one is present.

Cataraqui Cabinets workmanship
Cataraqui Cabinets workmanship
Cataraqui Cabinets workmanship
Cataraqui Cabinets workmanship
Cataraqui Cabinets workmanship
Cataraqui Cabinets workmanship
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