How 2016’s Kitchen Trends can work for your new cabinets

How 2016’s Kitchen Trends can work for your new cabinets

With 2016 well underway, it’s only expected that with this new year comes new and exciting kitchen trends. With Cataraqui Cabinets, we can help apply some of these trends to your renovation projects and help keep your kitchen up to date and in style.

In the past, white and black color palettes were always a safe choice for your kitchen cabinets and general theme, however have you considered a soft or muted color palette? Interior designer, Jane Lockhart is saying that while white will still dominate, that “Charcoal, grays, and even neutral pastels like pale blue, pale green gray and tinted whites are the new alternative to the standard white.”. This paired with lighter wood tones, like walnuts or white oak will give your kitchen a comforting and welcoming feel.

While modern kitchens slowly lose their place as only a dedicated cooking area and slowly merge with the dining and living areas, it’s only natural that solutions to accommodate our ever growing electronic life start to be explored and embraced. Whether it be simply hiding away a wireless charging pad in a drawer with some other dedicated charging devices, or creating an entire space that will provide standard kitchen function, as well as a safe place to keep our electronics at hand, charged, and easily accessible while preparing our next meal while consulting our tablet for that new and delicious recipe.

With kitchen appliances also moving out of the standard white and black color schemes and back into vibrant and exciting colors, why not accentuate your kitchen palette based on your new appliances? It only makes sense that your kitchen represent who you are, so if new appliances are also part of your new renovation, and those new appliances are bright and bold colors, why not chose a color palette for your cabinets and countertops that will complement these new appliances?

Not all projects need to be complete overhauls. Sometimes all you want is a gentle and modern facelift your current kitchen. Shaker-style cabinets are always in style and with their focus on simplicity and functionality, they aren’t going anywhere. However, an easy way to aid this simple facelift is to add integrated lighting to your cabinetry. Whether it’s some low voltage LEDs fixed inside the cabinet, or underneath the cabinets for your countertop, these little lights could make a big difference.

Whether it be soft or muted color palettes, creating smart spaces for your electronics, adding an accent color, or by simply refreshing your current kitchen, Cataraqui Cabinets wants to help you get the 2016 kitchen of your dreams.

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