Inspired Storage Ideas for Your Sewing Room

Inspired Storage Ideas for Your Sewing Room

Your sewing room is the place you come to disconnect and create. It’s a place where you can pin and hem to your heart’s content, and rest assured that your sewing scissors aren’t being used to cut open the milk bag.

It’s a space you deserve, so don’t settle for leaning towers of fabrics, or a hodge-podge mess of needles, bobbins and thread: use these ideas to help you turn your sewing room into your favourite place in the home.


1) Use Walls

Rather than keep baskets and drawers on the ground for storage, use your wall to free up valuable floor space. It’s a good idea to hang your cabinets at just about eye level, so you can see what you’re looking for.

Whether or not you want doors on your cabinets is a matter of personal preference. Do you keep your fabrics neat and tidy? Then open concept cabinets are great, allowing you to see your supplies. However, if you tend to let your material run amok and want to be able to easily conceal the chaos, then consider cabinet doors.


2) Make Room for the Machine

While your sewing machine is going to spend most of its time on your sewing table, be sure to have a space where you can store it, like under the table. We don’t recommend storing it in cabinets above your head since machines can be heavy, making them cumbersome and dangerous to get down. Instead, install cubbies under your sewing surface, making one large enough for your machine. Place baskets in the other cubbies and use them for other odds and ends you’ll want easily accessible, like thread, interfacing and patterns.


3) The Rule of Reach

The last thing you want to do when you’re mid-seam is having to scour the room for your seam ripper. Have a small, hanging organizer on a wall within arm’s reach so you can see and grab things you need quickly and easily. Tabletop storage drawers can work too, but not only do they take up valuable space, if you’re sewing area doubles as your cutting area you’ll have to move it every time you need to cut out a pattern.


4) Folding Table

If your sewing room is a little more like a sewing closet or shares space with an other room (like a guest or laundry room), then capitalize on the area you have by using a wall mount table that folds up and away when it’s not in use. You can even get a cabinet to enclose your table, so it is even more discreet.


5) Folding Chair.

Again, this tip is for those who are short on space. Opt for a folding chair, and then hang a hook on the wall so you can get it off the floor when it’s not in use.


Happy sewing!

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