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Love Your Larder: Pantry Hacks for Real Life

Love Your Larder: Pantry Hacks for Real Life


It doesn’t matter if you just cleaned and organized your pantry last month. Much like the ubiquitously harried Tupperware drawer, the larder can descend into chaos shortly after it’s put back to order.

The problem?

You need more real-life ready organization. Forget about sorting your spices alphabetically: most of us are lucky if our cinnamon and paprika inhabit the same general area of the pantry, forget about the same shelf. You certainly don’t have to swear off organizing your provisions, but you do need to rethink your strategy. Much like how it’s easy to stick with a strict diet or intense
workout regime for a day or two — or even a week — it’s easy to be diligent about an exacting organizational schematic for your larder in the short-term. Your kids happen. Your partner happens. House guests happen. You get busy or distracted or disinterested because life happens.

That’s why we’re going to lay down a few layout tips for pantry organization that work for our very real, really busy lives. Read on.

1. Open Concept

Ever go shopping and buy ten cans of pasta sauce only to find out you already had a whole lot of pasta sauce in your pantry but just couldn’t see it? You’re not alone. One of the best ways to avoid overstocking your pantry is to implement a more visually open concept storage solution. Shelves are great because they open up floor space by using vertical real-estate, but you can’t always see what’s behind provisions on shelves.

This is why we love the Blum Space Tower. If you already have a spacious pantry, this can be a
pantry within a pantry — and if you don’t have one, it can serve as a pantry in itself. The Blum Space Tower comes in all sizes and can be easily customized to fit your needs and your space.
What’s more, you can pull of the clear shelves to see exactly what you have: no guessing, no over-shopping and no wasting money on goods that will go stale.


2. Add Divides

Not everything in a pantry is food. Many people store cutting boards, baking sheets and serving platters in there. Make the most of the room you have available by using tension rods for curtains as vertical dividers between shelves. Just buy rods to fit the space between shelving, and then insert them in the space as pairs: one at the back, one in the front. There’s one divider. Now, create another beside it. Make as many as you require. Easy!


3. Needs First

When organizing your larder, it’s important to put the foods you need the most frequently front and center. Placing them too high or too low isn’t convenient when you’re preparing a meal.

Have them no higher than eye level and no lower than your thighs.


4. Shopping List

Here’s a pantry hack that will make your life a lot easier: grab a little chalkboard or whiteboard or even a piece of paper and hang it on the inside of your pantry door. This way, whenever you see you are out of a provision, you can add it to the list. When it’s time to make your shopping list, all you have to do is look to your larder for what you need for your pantry. Now, if only you could
remember to actually bring the grocery list with you…

Notice that among all our tips, we don’t suggest you transfer all your boxed and bag items into mason jars so you can see them. We don’t ask that you create handmade labels for your spices or jars of pasta. You can do this if you want, of course, but those touches are extraneous. The top tips you see here are the strategies that will make your day-to-day life a little easier, and —

When it comes to one corner of your home, at least — a lot more organized.


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