The Most Affordable Home Decor Trends of 2017

The Most Affordable Home Decor Trends of 2017

Anyone who’s ever tried to keep their home decor on trend knows the effort can be as exhausting as it is expensive. What’s in literally changes with the seasons, and the effort you put into renovating your space to embrace a certain look can be totally dated within a few years – if not sooner.

Of course, if you’re a diehard design junkie, then these costly and time consuming overhauls may be totally worth it, but if you’re simply someone who wants their space to stay fresh without maxing out your credit cards or patience, then yearly overhauls are probably not something you want to undertake. The best thing you can do is make a few affordable updates every year, choosing bold, but not brazen touches.


Here are some inspired and inexpensive ways to incorporate this year’s decor trends into your home.


1) Mix Patterns

Whether it be in your bedroom, sunroom, living room or home office, mixed patterns are a stunning and low-cost way to take on one of the biggest trends of 2017. The key to nailing this mismatched look is to keep the colours and feel of the patterns complimentary – which is not to say they have to be in the same spectrum.


A crimson, gold and rose paisley comforting can look sensational with blue and brass striped pillows. A tartan throw pillow can cozy up to a black and white houndstooth throw on the couch. Trust your eye, and you’ll be able to see which patterns and colours mix and match the best.


2) Take on Texture


While there is certainly room for stark and polished surfaces in your rooms, texture is in, standing in welcome opposition to our world of one-dimensional screens. Think a velvet chaise lounge, chunky wool throws and rugs, cerused wood floors and furnishings. Adding a few beautifully textured pieces throughout your home is a great way to take on this trend, without breaking the bank.  


Oh, and to make things better, faux everything is also in, meaning you can get a true texture look, without a true texture budget.


3) Spaces That Fold


In the opposition to the ‘more is better’ uber luxury trend is the call for minimalist decor and minimal possessions. This means people need pieces that take up as little space as possible: hence, the aesthetically and functionally pleasing trend of spaces and appliances that can fold away. Whether it’s your sewing machine or ironing board or workspace that folds into a cabinet on the wall, or even entire kitchen appliances that can be tucked away, this minimalist movement is all about maxing space – which is incredibly important if your square footage is small.


Read any home decor magazine and you’ll see there are a slew of other big trends for this year. However, unlike painting your entire kitchen bright green or inviting a migration of Monarch butterflies to rest on your walls, these trends are ones that are apt to be more timeless. Translation: you won’t have to undergo a massive redecoration 365 days from now.

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