Tips for a Tough Mudroom

Tips for a Tough Mudroom

Your mudroom takes a beating. It’s where people come to dump their gear, kick off their boots, and transition into the house. It’s not a place you spend a lot of time, but it’s one of the places that’ll show the wear of time – particularly if the room is not designed for its rough and tumble existence.  

With this in mind, here are the best mudroom hacks that will help keep your space organized and standing strong for years to come.


1) Hanging Tough

Hooks are to a mudroom what glove compartments are to cars: they can work without them, but things get messy, fast. Mudrooms are usually narrow, without sprawling opportunities for bulky coat racks. Hangers will allow you to hang coats, scarves, dog leashes, bags and backpacks without taking up valuable floor space.


2) Use Cubbies

Cubbies for shoes, cubbies for keys, cubbies for purses, cubbies for hats, mitts and slippers – cubbies for all! Stack them against the wall or underneath a bench to keep your space heavy on its vertical storage. Make sure you use good quality cubbies that can withstand having wet footwear or clothing placed in or around it.


3) Double Duty Bench

A bench is a mudroom must. Make it work double for you by also using it as storage space. Either buy a bench that has storage in it, or a bench that can have drawers or cabinets under it. These can be used for everything from outdoor gear to pet food to sports equipment. The point is this: the more storage space the better.


4) Get the Locker Look

This is particularly helpful if you have a large family. Install cabinets – or ‘lockers’ – so each person has his or her space to store belongings. No more asking where something is or claiming someone stole your jacket. The lockers are sacred space. Reinforce the point with actual locks if need be – just make sure to have a bolt cutter handy, in the event a B&E is necessary.


5) Dirt Friendly Colours

White looks immaculate, but it also shows every bit of dirt and grime tracked in. Unless your idea of fun involves intense daily mopping, then avoid light colours on floors, baseboards and basically anything below the level of the bench seat. That way you won’t see every scuff mark and speck of dirt.


Out of sight, out of mind.

That’s usually what people think about their mudrooms. No one sees it, so who cares what it looks like? The truth is, you do. When your daughter can’t find her backpack or your spouse can’t find  an  umbrella or you can only locate one of your shoes and you are all running late, you do care.


An organized mudroom makes for a less stressful life, so while this space might not be a room you showcase, it shouldn’t be a room you dread, either. Use these tips to keep the chaos to a minimum, and to ensure everything has a place.

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