Top Stain Colours of 2017

Top Stain Colours of 2017

There’s a lot to love about stains. Unlike paints, they allow the texture of the wood to show, giving any area a more natural, sophisticated look. For anyone looking to add a stain finish to woodwork in their home, this is the year to do it.

While classic browns are still in, there are a slew of new trending colours for the more adventurous decorator. These are colours that can serve as a focal point for your space, or just mingle in with the existing decor. Whether you’re looking to stain baseboards, floors, tables or cabinetry, check out these colours for some inspiration.


  1. Violet

Painting your bathroom cabinets purple may seem a tad over the top, but staining them a beautiful violet adds a wonderfully soothing colour to the space. A relaxing soak in the bath seems even more relaxing, and while the stain will definitely stand out, it won’t overpower the room with the headache inducing potency of your lavender bath salts.


  1. Eggshell

This may not be a revolutionary colour trend, but in the wake of the shabby chic tsunami, many people felt they’d seen just about enough of eggshell. However, it’s back, and in a new, polished incarnation. No more distressed look for naturally pristine eggshell: this clean colour of stain shines in rooms throughout the house, gracing tables, cabinets, and doors and frames.


  1. Seafoam

Before you start envisioning startled looking bridesmaids in puffy gowns or entire kitchens and bathrooms doused in pale green a la 1965, let’s remember that one questionable style trend does not a colour ruin: seafoam is back, and more understated than ever. Too much of a good thing is still too much, so the world of home decor is taking back seafoam in the righteous form of stains, which naturally lend themselves to more subtle saturation.

For a look that will transcend the fickle world of home styling, use seafoam stain as an accent on a headboard or an end table. Or, liven up your laundry room with a few seafoam green cabinets. Just don’t let history repeat itself: play this colour cool.


  1. Marigold

Nothing acts like an instant ray of sunshine like a beautiful shade of yellow. Known for being the colour associated with creativity, yellow stain can act as an inspiring addition to almost any room – though like seafoam, you want to be careful not to get carried away. Marigold is an ideal shade of yellow, since it is bright without reaching the retina burning voltage of neon, and spirited without being overbearing.

For a truly visionary look that will brighten up a busy, but often messy space, use it as a stain for the cabinets in your mudroom. Or bring it into your home office to keep your spirits (and productivity) up.

If these stain colours seem a bit too bold for your taste, try introducing them on a relatively innocuous, but still present, piece of furniture or accessory around your home. Maybe a picture frame, or plant stand. Breaking away from the norm to try something new can be unsettling, but this, after all, is how great things happen.


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