Welcome to your new patio kitchen

Welcome to your new patio kitchen

There are several different approaches that can be taken to achieving your outdoor kitchen sanctuary, whether it be a simple grilling and food preparation station, a modular set up, a full custom grilling station with storage, and running water, or even a full fledged cooking and dining solution, Cataraqui Cabinets is here to help you achieve what will work best for you.

For those with limited working space, a simple grilling and food preparation station can do wonders to your small patio. By being able to bring your ingredients out with you, you can entertain guests while preparing meals on the spot, never having to remove yourself from the conversation. These smaller stations can range from a simple integrated grill and counter top all the way up to a small modular system with outdoor storage capabilities.

For those with more space available, a custom grilling station equipped with storage, preparation surfaces, and running water would make a great addition to any outdoor centerpiece. With the ability to add in an outdoor bar fridge, you truly can rest and relax outside on those long summer evenings with friends and family.

For those that want a little more, Cataraqui Cabinets can help achieve your outdoor dreams by going so far as to even add in potential dining sections of your outdoor kitchen, allowing a fully custom and centralized station, not having to worry about furnishing and cluttering up your patio space.

Whether you are looking for a simple change to your patio, or are looking to have a complete overhaul done, Cataraqui Cabinets wants to be your cabinetry experts and help you find what will make your outdoor kitchen you, and more importantly, allow you to spend more time outside this summer with friends and family.

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