What your kitchen design says about you

What your kitchen design says about you

In today’s modern kitchen, we find that it’s no longer simply a room segregated off from the rest of the house where we wistfully disappear to and emerge baring drinks or food. As kitchens became places to entertain guests, dine, and even relax, it is almost expected that they also reflect your personality and unique sense of style.

There are several different kitchen designs and there is a cabinetry design to pair with it. Whether you are looking to clean up and update your aging kitchen, or just hoping to add to an already established design, we hope to help.

traditional kitchen

Traditional Kitchens

Traditional kitchen designs are a warm and casual call back to a bygone era meant to evoke a feeling of the Victorian era. The cabinets, while not flashy, have a timeless design to them that continue to weather newer design trends. A traditional kitchen will aim to have cabinets made of beautiful dark and warm wood colors, paired with wood floors and granite counters, a traditional kitchen will always be warm and inviting.


Contemporary kitchen cabinet designs

Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchen designs are bold, classy, and have an air of sophistication and confidence about them. A contemporary kitchen will have a bold sense of contrast in their colors, often with dark or black cabinets paired against light colored floors and countertops; a contemporary kitchen will let guests see your sophisticated side, just don’t forget to accent your dark new cabinets with some stainless steel knockers to really let your unique sense of style show.


Modern kitchen cabinetry designs

Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchen designs, while similar to other contemporary designs, will stand out thanks to their subtle retro aesthetics. Darker colored natural and solid wood cabinets will not only stand out against a white counter top, they will also emphasize the beautiful flowing wood grains. A modern kitchen will also show off your organization abilities as it reduces clutter while maximizing functionality with efficient storage options through its custom shelving, drawers, and cabinet designs.


 Transitional KitchensTransitional kitchen cabinetry designs

Transitional kitchens are hard to accurately describe as it ignores many rules allowing you to really mix and match from different design styles, however what it will reflect best is who you are. A traditional kitchen will truly show just how unique you are, while also giving a sense of ease allowing you and your guests to relax over a cup of coffee, or just create a warm and welcoming feeling when you’re eating with your family. When it comes to cabinetry, the sky’s the limit as you have the freedom to use warm natural woods with many different designs and tones, even going so far as to have subtle variations in your tones and colors between each cabinet.


Whether it is as simple as your cabinets being a subtle twist on tradition, or a wild expression of who you are, Cataraqui Cabinets wants to be your cabinetry experts and help you find what will make your kitchen you, and more importantly, make your cabinets reflect who you are while giving you not only an easy and efficient way to store and organize your life, but also make you happy.


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